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This is a hardy biannual, depending on the climate will bloom spring, early summer and fall.

They love the cool to cold weather.
Tend to get leggy when its warm so cut them back until it cools down again in the fall.
Variety of colors. Prefers sun-partial shade.

Jack o Lantern

Joker Pokerface

White Blotch


Yellow Blotch

Yellow Mixed


Petunias are one of the most popular flowering annuals.

They have a long flowering period, are easy to grow and are available in many forms and colors


Apple Bloosom

Celebrity Blue


Burgundy Star

Pastel Mix

Niagara Mix

Pink Morn

Celebrity Rose Star

Blue Cloud

Pepperment Daddy



Trailing Petunia


Trailing Red

Ramblin Blue

Avalanche Lilac

Avalanche Red


Petunias Double
called Pirouette


Dbl Lt Pink

Dbl Rose

Dbl Rasberry

Dbl Wt Raspberry


Petunia Waves

4 x 4 wave

$5.00 for a 6 pk


$30.00 tray of 36

Lt Pink Wave

Purple Wave
6 inch wave


Common names: moss rose, rose moss, sun plant
A small group of trailing annuals.
Attractive for beds, edging, ground cover, rock gardens



Rose Ripple
Colorful flowers, heat and drought tolerant.
Great as a ground cover or in pots.
Plant in full sun
18-24" apart
Height: 5" tall


Pansy, Petunias, Portulaca

Flats (6 Pack Single $3.25)

606 Flats: $19.50
tax not included


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