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Randy’s Greenhouse is owned and operated by Randy and Tammy Kinner and is located at 562 Riverside Drive, Athens, Pennsylvania

between the Athens and Sayre river bridges. We started our greenhouse business in the spring of 1995, by growing hydroponics’ tomatoes. This was a large success, but due to the cold northern temperatures, where we live, it was becoming to big an expense keeping the greenhouses heated to the temperature needed to grow tomatoes.

At the same time Tammy was interested in flowers and grew a few annuals on the side and they were such a big hit, that we gradually phased out of the tomato business and concentrated on growing flowers.


In 1998 we expanded by added two more greenhouse's and started to grow from seeds, all kinds of new varieties of annual flowers, perennials as well as vegetable plants. We now sell wholesale and retail.


By the year 2004 we have expanded our operations even more and now have six greenhouses. We offer all kinds of hanging baskets, annuals, perennial plants, and vegetable plants.


We will also help design and build small water gardens for customers and work with them until they get the garden of their dreams. If your having any problems associated with any water garden, just ask our experts and a solution might be just a step away. We have also expanded our services to include lawn care and lawn maintenance for businesses.

The beginning of each new season always offer new and different things.

Come pay us a visit. You never know what you might find!

Randy and Tammy Kinner


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Randy's Greenhouse - 562 Riverside Dr, Athens, Pa 18810
Phone: 570-888-4715 : Fax: 570-888-4715